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The Charm CountryView Inn is a 15 room bed and breakfast, located 2.5 miles southeast of the small village of Charm, Ohio. The Inn perches on a quiet hillside overlooking peaceful country meadows and Amish farms in Ohio's scenic Holmes County.

The Inn was a fulfilled dream of the Abe Mast Family. Together they designed, named, and built the inn with the goal of wanting their bed and breakfast to be a destination. The Mast family achieved just that! The Inn has become a place where people come to unwind and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s become a place to restore your spirit and feel refreshed when you leave.

When the inn first opened its doors in 1990, Paul and Naomi Miller were the innkeepers ready to greet the guests. These two will be fondly remembered by everyone who has had the privilege to stay at their inn. We thank both Paul and Naomi for their dedicated service for the past 30 years.

On September 1, 2020 the Charm CountryView Inn was sold at public auction to the Hartzler Family. New owners, Tom and Diane, never imagined they would have the privilege and opportunity to someday own this beautiful bed and breakfast, but here they are! They have six grown children, three of which are married, and ten special grandchildren.

With a few minor changes to the appearance inside and the addition of the Hartzler’s homemade applesauce to the menu, the Inn will remain the same destination guests have grown to love.

Tom and Diane have invited Dave and Jenn Miller to become the new Innkeepers. Dave and Jenn have been married 16 years and together have four children.

We believe you will come to love them as we have.

We will say as Paul and Naomi did before us…
“We want our bed and breakfast to be a destination. A place where people come to unwind and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of life, and where you feel refreshed when you leave.” ~ the Hartzler Family

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Meet the Innkeepers

Greetings from the Millers!

I (Dave), my lovely wife Jenn, and our four children are the new innkeepers at the beautiful Charm CountryView Inn. We are very excited to serve you as you come and enjoy rest and relaxation here at the Inn. It is first of all our desire to serve God and to do His will. It is also our desire to serve people. By being the innkeepers here, we feel we can fulfill both of those desires!

Our hearts are thrilled and humbled to have this opportunity!

Our Story

We have been friends and church family of Paul and Naomi for 16 years. In 2011 we moved from Holmes County to Virginia to serve mentally handicapped children at Faith Mission Home. In 2015 as we were considering moving back to Ohio, Paul mentioned something to us that they would like to sell the Inn. We got very excited and told him we would be interested in purchasing it, but with five years of little income, it just was not possible.

In May 2016 we moved back to Holmes County and settled into a normal life. But in 2020 wow, how our lives did change! We were aware that Paul and Naomi were selling the inn at public auction… but we never thought we would have any part in it. On August 30th, we were at the Inn for an outdoor, Covid-church service and I asked Paul how he was feeling with the upcoming auction.

Paul was feeling peaceful about the upcoming auction, but mentioned he had been thinking about us. He proceeded to tell me about some potential buyers and that they would need an innkeeper. With apprehension, I said I would be interested in considering it, but I never imagined anything would come of it!

Around 5pm on Monday I got a call from Diane Hartzler. Later that evening Jenn and I met with Tom and Diane to talk more details. No commitments were made, but we talked through some details. The very next day, on September 1st, Tom and Diane held the final bid for the Inn!! And with that, my how our lives have changed!

Most of all I want to say, I strongly feel that God led us to this place! And we as a family want to do our best to carry on where Paul and Naomi have left off!

Thank you Paul and Naomi for your friendship and many years of service at Charm Countryview Inn!

Thank You, Tom and Diane for allowing us the opportunity to be the new innkeepers, may God richly bless you and your family!

We are thrilled to be the new Innkeepers!

May all the Honor and Glory be given to God, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

Dave, Jenn, and Family